How to start a
Digital Marketing Agency
1 pm Central Europe Time (GMT+2)
15-16th of November
Online workshop
from scratch, work remotely,
and earn 6-7 figures
2-Day Workshop program
Day 1
15th of November
Why digital marketing is so popular?
Saleries in Digital marketing
Freelance or in-house marketer. What is better?
12 Types of digital marketing
Perfect learning path for digital marketers
Facebook ads, Instagram ads, SEO, PPC etc
Day 2
16th of November
27 Digital marketer's mistakes
How to open marketing agency
How much agency owner earn
Step by step guide how to find customers
How to start your own business online
How to start?
3 pillars of Digital marketing
How to work on freelance
1:00 pm CET
1:00 pm CET
Bonus 2
5-level Digital marketer path (map)
We have created truly unique products that explain the ideal path for everyone to become a demanded Digital Marketer, then start a business or technology startup. This is the course inside the course.
This map is a step-by-step guide on how to become a digital marketer and start your own tech startup.
Bonus 1
How to start a tech startup in the marketing industry
Before we launched a tech startup named Apiway our team had started as a digital marketing agency. We didn't have an initial capital. In this course we will tell you the perfect way how to transform your marketing agency into a tech startup. We know that because we have gone this way.
It took us 10 years to figure it out.
You can figure it out in 20 minutes. How much are 10 lost years of your life worth?
Without this map, you won't have an understanding of the stages of specialist development.
With this map, you will have a strategic plan for your development as a digital marketing specialist.
Total Value: $99
Total Value: $99
This is what this map looks like:
"Mini automation course" is a great addition to the basic course on Facebook and Instagram ads mastery. After taking this course I have one more service that I can provide to my clients and earn more. Now I sell setting up FB ads and automating business processes in an online store."
Faiz Kumar
Alberto Rossi
"This card is a treasure for aspiring marketers. I love it. It's a guide to the world of marketing. My friends advised me to start with the classic approach to learning marketing. But I trusted the Apiway team and I didn't regret it.
The plan that Anton and his team from Apiway offer are far more effective than other Digital Marketing schools."
"I started on the path of digital marketing a few years ago. After studying this course, I saw myself. I made almost all the mistakes that are listed in this course.
Particularly between the second and third-level specialist.
If you are just starting your journey in digital marketing, this course will save you a couple of years of senseless learning what you don't need."
Adelita Martinez
Workshop host
Apiway - it's a tool that helps digital marketers automate their daily work. More than 20 000 digital marketers use our product every day.

We started our path in digital marketing back in 2010, in 2013 we had 7 employees in our digital marketing agency, and in 2019 this marketing agency was transformed into a tech startup named Apiway.

So, our team has gone from freelance marketers to a technology startup in the marketing industry.
After the workshop, you will get a step-by-step guide on how to become a digital marketer and start a digital marketing agency.
This workshop for:
Future Digital marketers
Future Entrepreneur
You will learn how to become a digital marketing, work remotely and earn $5K+
You will learn how to start your own online business and make 6-7 figures
If you are:
Looking for a new remote job
Want to be
a digital marketer
Want to start an online business
This online event is for you!
Find out how to start a digital marketing agency from scratch, work remotely and earn 6-7 figures
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