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Email verification tools help to reduce bounce rates, increase email deliverability and avoid spam. Also, such applications can be called email checker software. Whether you are doing email marketing or cold outreach, these services can help you improve the efficiency of these processes.

Best Email verification tools is a sales automation platform combining lead generation, email verification, and email sending tools to streamline outreach. It offers individual and bulk prospect search, 7-step email verification, scheduled drip campaign sending with triggers, personalization, and open, click, and reply detection, and integrations through API, Zapier, and Pipedrive.
Clearout is an email validation platform with 98%+ accuracy to ensure that companies sending complex and high volume email achieve better deliverability and higher ROI. Clearout expertise in removing invalid email addresses, eliminates bounces, validates IP addresses and verifies key recipient demographics. The platform is rated high:4.8/5 on renowned platforms like G2 crowd, Capterra, Getapp etc.
ZeroBounce is an online email validation and email marketing deliverability platform designed to help people keep their data and emails up to date and validated.
ZoomInfo is a popular business intelligence software app that offers the most accurate and actionable B2B contact and company intelligence to help organizations accelerate growth and profitability through its Growth Acceleration Platform. This platform provides a continuously updated database that enable sales and marketing teams to execute more effective marketing campaigns and improve sales prospecting efforts with access to on demand direct dial phone numbers, email addresses, and background information.
TheChecker is a technology company that makes it fast, easy, and affordable for companies at any size to improve their data quality by using email validation tools.
NeverBounce is a real-time email verification service that identifies invalid emails and is able to clean your email list.
They offer an API and bulk email validation service.
Interseller is a NYC-based SaaS company in the recruiting tech space. Since 2016, we've been helping teams around the world build more predictable client and candidate pipeline.
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Debounce is an email validation tool that reduces the number of bounces you get on your email campaigns by finding emails that are non-existent, deactivated or spam traps. By reducing the number of bounces your campaigns get you reduce the chance of spoiling your email domain reputation and getting higher open rates and better deliverability on your campaigns.
mailfloss automatically remove invalid email addresses from your email lists before they become a problem. It also automatically fixes misspelled email addresses, recovering subscribers that would have been lost otherwise. It does this all in real-time, without code or developers or spreadsheets. Simply connect your email service provider, set your preferences, and let mailfloss do the rest.
DataValidation is the most comprehensive email verification service in the email marketing industry! Our deliverability and compliance tools are used for managing email data, email list cleaning, and automating email validation. We perform extensive deliverability checks to analyze the health of an email address. 24/5 online support. No contracts, setup fees, or minimums.
Clearalist is designed to make your mailing list more organized. The app can help clean your email list, enabling you to erase spam, duplicate, bounce, and invalid emails from your list. This helps you improve your deliverability and increase conversions.
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Why you should use Email verification tools

If you send emails to non-existent and invalid emails, then mail providers Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and the others will mark your emails as spam. The reputation of your domain and IP address will suffer from this. Email deliverability will be less. If your bounce rate is more than 1,5-2% you have a problem and it needs to be solved. It can cause blocking of your domain and all your mailings will end up in the spam or won't be delivered to the recipient.

Email verification software helps you find invalid email addresses. This software cannot give you a 100% guarantee of whether the email address is valid or not. By many indicators, services can predict the validity of the address by 75-80%. So this type of software helps you to keep marketing email lists clean.

How do email verification apps work?

Manual way - you can bulk upload your database to the software, then start checking. After verification, the application will show which emails are most likely isn't valid. Then you can dump this data into a spreadsheet and upload it to your email marketing app or sales engagement platform.

Automatic method - you can send data via API, it will automatically validate emails and also add valid emails to your marketing automation apps.

Which companies are using email verification apps?

In most cases, such tools are used by companies that have a process for sending bulk emails. This can be email marketing or cold outreach. In most cases, this is necessary for those who use the email finder software. Many outreach software has functions for finding and validating emails. Very often all these three functions are on one platform.
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