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Call center software helps you to automate and optimize processes in your call center or at the sales department. If you have the salespersons and they make calls you should use contact center software. This software allows you to make calls via the internet like mobile calls but cheaper and with additional features.

You can monitor calls, listen to phone call records, measure salesperson efficiency, make integration with your CRM system, etc. The main difference between "classical phone calls" that they are made on the internet. You need only a laptop, software, headset and access to the internet. No wires and cables. You can make calls lying on the beach.

Also, it's very useful if you make international calls. You can rent a phone number that is used in this country like +16507599755 in US, or In Germany +49........ Using this kind of software is much cheaper than calling internationally from your personal mobile phone.

Best Call Center Software

Binotel is a smart telephony that operates on the basis of a virtual ABS. All functions offered by an operator are designed to increase the work efficiency of employees, increase sales, improve the quality of customer service, as well as to make more work processes automatic. The MAGERP company offers you the CRM system connection to the voip of this operator, so that you can create an effective platform for your business development.
    Phonet is developed to work as your default phone app as well as default SMS app. After doing all the jobs of a basic phone and SMS app it further facilitates all SIM based conversations by showing delivery and seen status for both SMS and phone calls with the help of internet.
    Zadarma is a great solution for every business, it is simple to use and it offers a great PBX for free. Zadarma offers a lot of virtual numbers (local and toll free) in many countries and helps customer support.
    SIPUNI is cloud service that can be used to create a virtual PBX user to customize the communication system of predefined blocks, without the help of external specialists.
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    Talkroute is an easy way to manage incoming business calls. Whether you simply want to forward calls to a cellular phone or wish to create menu prompts (press #1 for press #2 for) for different devices, Talkroute has everything you need. Talkroute is relatively new to the voip space in the last several years.
    MightyCall, a business phone system, makes it possible for solo entrepreneurs and even the smallest businesses to stay connected anywhere and sound professional.
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    Content Oriented Web
    Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.

    Call Center Software Features

    Outbound/ inbound calls
    In this case, all is pretty simple. This software for calls
    Calls Analytics
    You will be able to monitor how many calls were made by your sales department, specific salesperson and time the conversations took. You can measure the efficiency of your call center.
    Transfer customers to other agents
    Sometimes your support agents can't answer all questions and you can transfer this customer to more qualified employees. You can do it without stopping a conversation. Just make a pause, while the customer is listening to some good music other agent can pick up the conversation and interact with the customer.
    Connecting with deal owner
    If you have a long deal cycle you shave to make a few touchpoints with customers. Sometimes customers call many times before purchase and the system randomly creates contact cards in your CRM. In case you need it, the system can connect the customer with the salesperson who interacted with him before.
    Calls recording
    It is a very important feature for any manager. Call center software automatically makes the records and attach the file to the customer card in your CRM. Managers and salespeople can listen to calls and figure out how they can improve the sales process. Salesperson can recall what the previous call was.
    IVR (interactive voice response)
    You probably came across a situation when you called to the bank and robot said: "Press 1 if you want to know more details, press 2 if you want to know about our tariffs and press 3 if you want, to have a conversation with our support agent"
    Customer's phone number identification
    After the first call, the system automatically creates a contact in your CRM. When a customer calls again the system identifies him and a salesperson is able to see the customer card before starting the conversation.
    Sms sending
    It is sent after the call with all details.
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