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Website builder is a perfect solution for creating a website by yourself without hiring web developers and designers. You can work out your own design and it takes only 30 minutes to place it on the internet. It makes it even easier to do it with the help of drag and drop editor having no technical skills. Such kinds of programs allow you to add images, text, video and application forms. Within the system you are allowed to buy a domain name and launch a site .

Website builder

Wix is one of the most popular website building platforms out there, and there are some very good reasons why that's the case. Chiefly, Wix is easy to use, powerful, and quite affordable at the same time (plus, for some purposes, you can use Wix 100% free of charge).
uKit – is a website builder, which is used to launch and manage small business websites and other types of projects for personal and commercial use. The system has gained worldwide popularity due to its amazing simplicity that does not compromise with quality and professional web design approach. This is an indispensible solution for newbies and web design pros willing to establish professional web presence for their businesses.
Weblium is AI-powered user-friendly website builder trusted by over 35,000 creators from 163 countries around the world. Currently, there are over 76,000 sites created on the platform, and this number keeps growing. Founded in 2019 by Template Monster, Weblium was recognized as #1 product of the day on ProductHunt right after its launch.
Instapage is one of the best cloud-based landing page builders which helps you boost conversions. You can create any type of landing page including thank you pages and webinar pages. Instapage is a trusted landing page building software and is famous among the marketers for its conversion-friendly products. Instapage provides its users with responsive templates for various applications. You also can upload and download the templates adding to the versatility.

Unbounce is the leading landing page platform that empowers marketers to build and test landing pages, pop-ups and sticky bars without a web developer. As one of Canada's fastest growing technology companies, Unbounce has powered over 650 million conversions to date and serves more than 15,000 customers worldwide including Hootsuite, The New York Times, World Vision, Zola and the Red Cross.
Leadpages is an incredibly powerful tool for making landing pages. If you're looking to convert visitors into something more – to push them through into sales and happy customers etc – an effective landing page can be near priceless: ideally paying for the amount of time, effort and money you've put into it many many times over!
Weebly is eCommerce by Square. Weebly is a website and eCommerce service founded on the belief that anyone should have the tools to take their business from idea to launch to growth. Whether an entrepreneur is starting an online business from scratch or taking an in-person business online, with Weebly they can build professional websites that customers love to visit and shop. Weebly is different from other website builders because we help entrepreneurs tackle the real-life realities of running a successful business.
Squarespace is a website publishing and editing platform that helps its users create beautiful modern websites without the need for code or web development experience.
They have built a reputation on being a all-in-one system (similar to HubSpot), that's easy for users to navigate. They also take care of any security updates and changes to their backend without you needing to update constantly.
Site 123
The greatest in uncomplicated best free website builder, Site123 makes it swift and easy to establisha brand new photography internet site. Actually, you can be up and running in under 2 moments! Beginners are going to especially appreciate the tutorials to assist all of them throughthe whole method, and the superb client help that' s constantly available. There' s an incredibly huge assortment of over 80 digital photography themes to pick from, yet not a great deal of range.
Create personal websites using system that offers design templates, small business web pages, ecommerce websites, and web hosting.
How to Build a Website That (Actually) Brings You Business
Elfsight is an all-in-one platform offering 70+ customizable widgets for websites. For 8 years already Elfsight team creates tools that are must-have if you want to enhance your website performance adding social feeds, chats, reviews, forms, sliders, popups and more. Today, more than 500 000 people around the world are using Elfsight widgets every day to grow sales, engagement and gather leads.
SpreadSimple uses the data in your Google spreadsheet to create styled websites with a variety of customisable features such as search, sorting, cart, SEO, custom scripts, etc. Harness the power of Google Sheets to manage your inventory, prices, and orders, no coding required. The spreadsheet becomes the content management system and automatically syncs all the changes you make to your website.
The profile of the vendor is not complete. Check other solutions below:
Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.

How to create a website

Attending any conference or googling a phrase "How to make a site" you come across multiple offers. Some professionals offer their services for 10 000 $, some charge 1000$, some do it for free. Every offer is good if it matches your goals. It is crucial to realize what stage your business is at. All the options are listed below.

Marketing agency
Marketing agencies offer services to create a website and complex marketing support from the scratch. They have a team of specialists perfectly trained for this. There are plenty of different agencies, but all of them have one thing in common - their services are expensive. If you have been selling your product for a long time and you have a lot of experience, this option will be good for you. It's understandable without this article.

If you are a beginner this option is totally wrong.
Very often a freelancer can be a developer and a designer all in one face. If he offers this you shouldn't trust him. Because those are very different specialties and people who do them have a different mindset. If a freelancer can do both, in most cases it will be a poor design and a poor coding. Mind, it is better to hire a designer with a marketing mindset, who creates a website on a special software website builder or a landing page builder. Website editors, pagebuilders, landing pagebuilders, website builders, sitebuilders are all the same software.

Many webdesigners create websites on a pagebuilder. It is quite common. You just pay for a software and for a service. It is always the right choice to have a deal with a marketer-designer, than to have a deal with a designer-developer.
Create website by yourself for free
As a matter of fact it's shareware. You just need some free time to spend and pay for a website builder. The cost of such software is a small. Today owning a website it is not success. It is a regular thing. To promote website today is more expensive than to create it. It can be 100 times more expensive

Who uses website builders

In most cases website builders are used by small business that have just started. Also landingpage builders are used by people who want to create personal website-portfolio.

You will benefit from websites and landing pages builders if:

You need to create a simple, one page website.
You want to test business model
You won't spend a lot of money on testing
You don't understand whether you need a website or not
You want to start selling goods on the internet
You make first steps in internet marketing
You need "To be logged in on the internet"
You need to have a "quick start" in business

Standard features of website builders

Block editor
Every website consists from different blocks. For example: a header with a headline, an application form, an images gallery, videos etc. The more blocks software have, the better it is.
Domain name purchase
In the website builder's interface you can buy the domain name. it is easier than buying a domain name from the domain registrator company. It simplifies website creation.
You can see and measure all leads, conversion rate of each page and understand which ad works better.
Mobile version and adaptivity
The big plus of site builders that they already have mobile version. You create your website on desktop and software automatically creates mobile version.
E-commerce module
You can create a little ecommerce shop with some products description and order card. You can setup a lot of plugins into website CMS that allow you to make a product description more attractive.
Integration with payment gateway
After you created your website and published the information and next step is to connect your online store to a payment gateway. The feature allows you to accept payments online.
Application form editing
Your website should to receive the leads. For this you can create specific forms where user can give you email and phone number, You can create these forms on website builder. Also you can use specific quiz software and integrate it with different email marketing services and CRM systems.

Sitebuilder benefits

Low price
Definitely this option is the cheapest. For a few dollars per month you will have a tool, that allows to you create and manage website by yourself, without coding and design skills.
Quickly and easy
With some instruction you can create website for one hour. No doubt it will take more time to create more attractive and catchy website, but in reality, you will manage to make a plain, one page website
Ready templates
Today there are hundreds and thousands template at your disposal. You can use ready example from your niche and just switch a text, images and contact details.

Website builder cons

Your website is nothing special
Critical to understand that your competitors are also familiar with this technology. They can create a website for two hours. Your websites will be similar to theirs and you will not be unique.
No animated infographic
You can't create amazing animated infographic icons on your website. Website builder's functionality is limited and will bind you.
Recurring payments
You should pay monthly or annually. You can create website based on free CMS like Wordpress, but after that you should pay for hosting. Almost the same amount will come out.

Landing page builder trends

The landing page builder era started in 2000-th and today almost all platforms have a similar functionality. They are different only in interface usability, but there are certain trends which go beyond website creation

Ads launching and targeting with more simple interface. Today, Google ads and Facebook Ads interface is becoming more professional and launching ads are becoming harder for non technical users. Some website software has created their own ads interface and integrated it with Facebook and Google ad accounts. You can launch ads from website builder ad account.

Dynamic content.

Advertising is getting more expensive. Previously, you could get traffic and not measure conversion rate, because it was very cheap. Nowadays, we have a fight over each click. Some software can change website content depending on traffic source or keyword. The static website era is coming to its final. The era of clever, dynamic, websites is on its way.
InSales - это профессиональный конструктор для создания интернет-магазинов, мощная CMS-платформа для размещения, раскрутки и продаж товаров через Интернет представителями малого и среднего бизнеса. Площадка предлагает комплексный подход, включающий сборку сайта на основе шаблона, интеграцию с рекламными и торговыми сервисами и продвижение интернет-магазина в поисковых системах.
    How to Build a Website That (Actually) Brings You Business
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