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Platforms for online education can be called differently: course authoring software, learning management system (LMS), online education software etc.
All of them have the same goal to assist you in automating the entire educational process.
Today there are a lot of tools for full automation of your e-learning business.

You can create your own online courses, sell them, accept payments on your website, give or deny access to you educational content after payment. Also, you can create your membership community with recuring payments, sending notifications and hosting webinars.

Best Platforms For Online Schools

Kajabi is a hosted platform for marketing, selling and delivering information products online. It provides a platform for hosting content, like videos, audios and text documents, which are delivered using some proven templates, such as the video squeeze page and sales page for marketing the content, and a membership community area for delivering the actual product.
Thinkific is a platform that allows you to create and deliver online courses. Once you have created your courses, you can sell them or deliver them using your own brand. There are many global corporations that have been using Thinkific to create courses, and it is in use in over 70 countries. One of the key benefits with this platform is the fact that you can customize the online learning experience and allows you to include payment options. Both instructors and students will have a great learning experience through Thinkific.
Teachable is a learning management system (LMS) provider for bloggers, creatives and online educators who want to create and sell courses. It was founded by Ankur Nagpal and was previously known as Fedora.
Teachable is for bloggers, creatives and entrepreneurs who want to create and sell online courses to their audience or followers.
Clickfunnels is an online marketing management tool which is very effective when it comes to promoting online businesses. Whether you talk about online digital services, or you consider products which you sell on the internet, Clickfunnels can always provide you with great features. You can easily do any marketing with Clickfunnels efficiently and effectively. The best use of Clickfunnels is sales funnels creation. It allows you to make sales funnels for your business which will surely increase your conversion rate and will boost your online sales.
Podia allows you to create unlimited courses, unlimited digital downloads, and unlimited memberships (on the highest plan). Podia also has a built in email marketing feature where you can stay in touch with your customers! Podia makes no money off your sales. The only fee that applies is the merchant fee (PayPal or Stripe). This is amazing if you're just starting out! Unlike other software, Podia doesn't make you wait 30 days to withdraw your money.
Ontraport is a business automation platform that offers many features to its users. It allows you to automate various business processes and acts as a CRM. You can also use it to create automated email and SMS campaigns. The platform also uses the data it collects to generate reports on various metrics.
Teachery is an Online Course Selling Platform with a difference. The difference is – you can create unlimited courses and have unlimited students and still not pay any transaction fees whatsoever! If you only need simple and basic courses made quickly, Teachery appears to be a suitable choice. It's a basic, no-frills and a wallet-friendly platform for beginners looking to test a course idea.
CourseCraft is ideal for both beginners and advanced course creators. Are you also into how to create an online course for free? This site offers a free basic plan where no membership dues are charged, but instead there's a transaction fee taken at the time of course purchase.
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LearnWorlds is a powerful, easy-to-use and reliable online training platform for entrepreneurs, small businesses and enterprises. It is an all-in-one, fully customizable, white-label solution that you can be utilized to train employees and partners, educate customers, or simply create and sell online courses.
The profile of the vendor is not complete. Check other solutions below:
Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.

Why you need to use specific software for online schools

At a certain stage of your business you will face the need to host your video lessons online. Youtube channel is not suitable for this, because people can share this video with each other, even this video is closed for public. People can send a direct link for this video lesson and it will be available. You should use a specific service where you can host you video product. After payment students automatically get access to your product and can't share it with other people.

Who should use e-learning platforms

In most cases these systems are used by people selling some educational content like teachers, business coaches etc. If you run seminars, trainings, webinars, conferences, master-classes online, offline the above - mentioned systems will simplify the process.

Standard features for course-creation platform

Course creation
You are able to create your own course, landing pages and upload videos it the system like that. This is a certain locked part on your website available only after payment. Your educational platform should be connected to payment gateway, CRM and marketing automation software. It simplifies a great deal of processes.
It is ability to open lesson's content when student finished homework and previous lesson. Teacher can check homework and open next video-tutorials. This type of educational system can allow you to create gamification with students and increase engagement into educational process.
Accept payments
This function allows you to integrate payment gateway and accept payments on your website. You can send data about purchase into learning management system and open/close access to educational content. In high quality system you can create subscription model and recurring payments. System will automatically charge a credit card. When a customer stops paying system automatically closes access to the content.
Uploading videos
In your private course you can upload some video, audio and text files. The system can protect them from downloading and internet pirates. Also, you have an ability to insert video from youtube.
Educational analytics
You will be able to see your students' progress. The teacher can see what lesson students watched, which moments they enjoyed, and what moments were hard for them and they got stuck. You can analyze engagement in educational process with every student.
Sales analytics
The systems has a sale dashboard for every course. You can be able to understand your income, profit, costs and what course is the best seller.

You will have all information about sales in your business.

Extra functions in e-learning systems

These kinds of features can be on your e-learning platform, but they will be very basic. For advanced usage you need specific software in other category
Email newsletter
Platforms have simple email newsletter features for student notification. You are able to send personal emails with unique offers or send transactional emails like "Thanks you for purchase. There is a link for you online course". Also, you can create attractive emails with HTML editor and send them to all students. But for full email marketing you should use specific software and integrate it with your e-learning platform.
Automation editor
This feature is a part of marketing automation software. You will be able to create a sales funnel and automate any business process.
CRM system
In some systems you can have CRM module, which helps you to make sales. The salesforce makes a deal, makes calls and sends emails for your customers.
Website builder
In some systems there are a few features that allow you to create landing pages and an entire website. Also, you can use a special website builder. This feature allows you to use ready block editor, templates and create website without coding
With this functionality you are able to host online master classes and educational conferences. Also, you can host autowebinars that simulate live webinars.

Types of educational platforms

This type of online learning software covers all processes in your online school: course creation, pagebuilding, email marketing, sales automation, chatbots, accept payments etc. It is like a "Kitchen processor" that can do everything.

Niche solution
In most cases it covers course creation process inside the platform. This kind of software has a user friendly interface. Other processes should be created on different niche software. For full automation process you should create integration via Apiway or Ipaas software
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