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This kind of software helps you to accept payment in your online store or point of sales. Also, they can be called the payment processing software, billing system, etc. All this software has one goal - to automate the payment process in your business. After purchase money gets into your virtual account and later you can transfer it on your credit card or bank account.

In most cases, payment gateways earn money getting a commission from each transaction. All vendors have a different percentage of the commission. For example, customer pays 100$ in your online store but you will get 95$.

Online processing software is integrated with your website or other accounting software where you can manage the entire customer base. Often, eCommerce platforms make "native" integration with payment gateway. On your online store, you can implement a payment button and after click, the customer will see a checkout page

Best Payment Gateways

FONDY is a payment gateway with a full-fledged ecosystem that ensures convenient work with payments for businesses of any size. A powerful platform, allowing to receive payments from customers in more than 100 currencies via bank cards, online banking, mobile wallets (Apple Pay & Google Pay), ensuring a consistently high level of security for transactions.
    2Checkout is a leading global payment platform that allows companies to accept online and mobile payments from buyers worldwide, with localized payment options. Capabilities include a pre-integrated payments gateway, merchant account, PCI compliance, international fraud prevention, and integration with more than 100 shopping carts.
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    PayPal is a service that enables you to pay, send money, and accept payments. Register your credit card or debit card with your PayPal account. You can pay by simply choosing PayPal at checkout, logging into your PayPal account, and confirming your payment. We complete the process for you. Simply choose PayPal when you select a payment option on this site, and you can quickly open a PayPal account and add your payment method to complete your purchase.
    Stripe is a payment processing platform that allows businesses to accept credit card payments online. Thanks to the system, card payments on websites, mobile apps and web apps can be processed easily. Over a million businesses use Stripe to provide an easy and secure payment method to their clients. Since then Stripe was available for companies from 26 countries, but from September 9th launched in 8 new ones, among them in Poland. Now 34 countries can benefit from its services.
    Fatora is a set of online Payment tools that streamline online payments between merchants and their customers.
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    Process payments through any processor or clearing house with an easy JSON API interface. Accept credit cards, debit cards, e-check (ACH) for Retail, Restaurant, Lodging, E-Commerce and Moto industries. ISO Friendly and Processor Agnostic. Integrate in a day and save time, money and effort. Serving the credit card industry for over 25 years!
    QuickaPay is a payments platform that enables frictionless credit card and Buy Now Pay Later options through our market leading API, invoicing and novel payment links products. Focussing on payments for small/medium sized businesses - our platform handles $000's of dollars a day and focuses on getting merchants paid Quicka.
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    Content Oriented Web
    Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.

    Payment Gateway features

    Accepting payments on your website
    It is a key feature that allows you to get payments in your online shop.
    Ability to send invoices on email. Customers can open this email, that is decorated in the corporate style of the store, and make payments by credit card.
    Payment button
    You can create a button and implement it on your website via HTML. Also, you can change the text of the call to action and color of the button. This feature allows you to get payments without complex integration with CMS.
    Recurring payment and subscription
    The ability to charge money every month or year automatically. A customer subscribes to your product and automatic renewal subscription. The systems can be different and more flexible. For example, in the first month, the system can charge one amount and the second month another amount.
    Ability to manage payments in different currencies worldwide. You have an account in US dollars, a customer pays in Euro. System converts this transaction into your currency automatically.
    Flexible API is one of the most important things in gateway payments. At first sight, all the systems are similar, but developers see it differently.
    Mass payouts
    If you have a marketplace you have to pay for your merchants. This feature allows you to do it automatically.
    All the systems have their own reporting, Who pays? How much? How often? etc. All the data help you to maintain a data-driven business.
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