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Sales engagement platform is a type of software that helps you automate the sales process through cold email outreach. In most cases, such services are used in the B2B enterprise sales process. Also, this kind of service can be called cold email software, cold outreach software, email outreach software, sales enablement software, sales automation software, automate cold email, etc.

It's important to understand that the main goal of such software is to establish contacts with potential prospects. Basically, the sales process is built through email and Linkedin.

Sales engagement platform is a sales automation platform combining lead generation, email verification, and email sending tools to streamline outreach. It offers individual and bulk prospect search, 7-step email verification, scheduled drip campaign sending with triggers, personalization, and open, click, and reply detection, and integrations through API, Zapier, and Pipedrive.
Reply is an all-in-one email prospecting platform that makes your outreach significantly easier by automating communication and thus helping you scale without losing the personal touch.
lemlist is the first email outreach platform that allows you to automatically generate personalized images and videos. Kickstart client relationships by making your cold emails highly personalized and human from day one. Streamline and automate your follow-ups, put repetitive tasks on autopilot and never miss a thing.
Mailshake is an easy to use and low cost solution to send outreach emails for sales prospecting, link building, securing guest post and building relationships.
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Outreach is an excellent platform to help you efficiently and effectively engage prospects which should drive more pipeline and close more deals.
Upscale is a Sales Engagement Platform that accelerates B2B sales pipeline and revenue. It improves sales efficiency through a multi-channel outreach capability to book more meetings and close more revenue, at scale and speed. Upscale also empowers sales leaders with data-driven insights from sales and marketing data for revenue operations to be connected, efficient and predictable.
Klenty is a sales engagement platform that can help sales teams reach out to prospects by sending personalized emails and automated follow-ups at scale.
Using Klenty, you can automate all the repetitive activities involved in your sales process like sending cold emails, follow-ups, tracking engagement metrics, so that you can focus more on activities like building relationships and closing deals.
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Content Oriented Web
Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.

Email outreach vc Email marketing apps

Very often people confuse email marketing with cold email outreach. These are two different tools that work via email. But they have completely different goals. Email marketing is all about retention leads in a funnel. Email marketing is about inbound marketing when the user himself left you contact information and allowed you to send letters. You can read more about email marketing here.

Cold outreach is when you find an email on the Internet and try to establish contact by yourself. These are cold, outbound sales. Email marketing is often used by marketers. Cold outreach is used by salespeople. In email marketing, you can send one email to 10,000 subscribers at once. In outreach, you can send no more than 100 emails per day (you need to find out how many emails per day your email provider allows you to send). Email marketing is about mass mailings, outreach is about drip marketing.

From a technical point of view, this software is also different. In email marketing, you send emails and these emails are sent from the vendor's email server. Outreach emails are sent from your personal Gmail or SMTP server. For example, in email marketing, on the technical side, the sender will be the email vendor (list of vendors). In outreach, the final sender will be Gmail (Gsuite) or another email provider.

Email design is also different. Email marketing is usually used with images, buttons, links, etc. The user understands that this email isn't personal.

In outreach, the email looks like a personal one. As a result, the user thinks that the email was written manually, especially for him.

Thus, email marketing and cold outreach are very similar at first glance, but they are very different both from the business goals and from the technical side.

Sales management software vs CRM

These terms are very similar, and the problem is that vendors want to be different from each other and come up with categories themselves. Someone says that they are "Sale engagement platform", someone says that they are "Sale management platform". It confuses the end consumer. That's why we write this manual. CRM (customer relationship management) is about managing the sales process. Sales management software or cold outreach software is about networking.

The main tool in cold outreach is sending emails. A key function in CRM is a kanban board with deal stages and customer cards. In CRM, you put notes, schedule a call, set reminders, and tasks. You don't automatically send a series of emails from CRM. In cold email outreach software, you set up a chain of emails that will be automatically sent at a specific frequency. Ideally, you should send emails, and when someone answers you, the system sends data to CRM and creates a new lead and deal in your pipeline.

CRM and Sale management software work together, not replace each other. Some CRMs have outreach functionality. Some outreach software has CRM functionality. Your task is to understand the difference between business processes. Then you can easily select the tool you want. CRM is about managing existing leads, Cold outreach is about communication, sales, and finding new leads.

Which companies should use Sales Enablement Software

In most cases, this type of sales is used by companies in B2B sales, in all directions: SMB, Midmarket, and Enterprise, but it works best in Midmarket and Enterprise. In this type of sales, email is the main form of communication. If your Customer avatar is a small eCommerce business, the contact details of such a customer are easier to get through Google ads, Facebook ads, etc. In SMB, people use little corporate mail. They use free mailboxes like [email protected]. CAC (Customer acquisition cost) in SMB is small and customers can be found in large numbers.

If your client is a Midmarket company or Enterprise, attracting such clients becomes more difficult and expensive. Due to the narrow specifics, the cost of advertising will be 10-100 times more expensive than in SMB, and therefore some companies use cold outreach.

Also in Midmarket and Enterprise, the corporate email [email protected] is the standard of communication and every employee checks it every day. Thus, reaching a decision-maker through email is easier than through paid advertising. Of course, there are different cases, and we'll talk about them further.

Cold email outreach exists because it's almost impossible to catch certain people from the B2B segment on the Internet. Example. You provide web development software. Your customer avatar is a young startup that has received funding. How will you catch them in Google ads? This is unreal. But you can go to a website that lists startups that have received funding. Then find the founders' emails and start the Cold email outreach process. This is in line with the GDPR if the data was found in open sources.

Basically, this sales process is used by companies that want to sell something in the B2B segment.

Who uses Sales management platforms

B2B salespersons
Content creators
Link builders for SEO

The cold email outreach process

Let's understand the whole path of the cold outreach process. To automate this process, you need other categories of software that work in tandem with the sales engagement platform. In order to start sending emails, you need to have the email of the person we need. How can you do it? There's an entire category of software for this purpose.

Email finder software
Email finder software is a certain type of tool that allows you to find corporate email if the user has left it publicly available. For example, you want to find contact information for Microsoft employees, use a tool from this category, type in a domain name and the app looks for emails of Microsoft employees. On average, the system finds 75-80% of contacts that were in the public domain. There are special tools. This category is responsible for the business process of finding emails for your prospectuses.

There are many guides on how to find your prospects' contact information. Now, it's important to understand in general how the outreach process works. The most important thing is to create the perfect Customer avatar or The Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Understand which companies can buy a product from you. Understand who the decision-maker is. And only after that try to find his contacts.
Sales intelligence software (Data enrichment software)
After a lead has been received, the task of the seller is to find out as much information as possible about this lead. The more complex your sales process is, the more information you need. In some cases, you only have one chance to write an email to the right person and you need to have unique information for maximum results.

These kinds of services enrich data from different sources. For example, they can tell you how many people work in this company, how much investment they raised, what their revenue is, what software they use, etc. Before that, you know that the client's name is John and he works for "BestCompany". After using such software, you will know much more information about John than he knows about himself.
Email verification tools
After you've found the contact details of your prospects, you need to verify them. You drive the found emails into such services, and they show how likely the email is to be valid or not. This will help you reduce your bounce rate. If you have a high bounce rate, you are more likely to get into SPAM. This category is responsible for the business process of verification and the validity of emails.
Cold outreach tools
Cold outreach tools help you automate the whole process of automatic email sending. It's about this category of apps that you've read on this page. This category is responsible for the business process of sending emails.
CRM systems
After you send a series of automated emails, someone will reply to you. At this stage, the prospect becomes a lead. This is a specific user who is interested in your product and is ready for further dialogue. At this stage, the sales manager begins to write emails manually from the customer card in CRM. In most cases, at this stage, mailing through the cold outreach software is finished.

Outreach vs SPAM

Good outreach is different from spam. Spam is when you send useless information. For example "play online casino" or something like that. Sometimes people don't know what they need and your task is to explain it to them. And if you do a good job with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), you'll send the right emails to the right people.

If you send cold emails, it doesn't mean that people don't need your product. They haven't known about it yet. Let's say your customer avatar is a CMO of a large company. It would be logical to offer him services that help automate marketing and speed up the work of the department. Even if he knows nothing about them, this doesn't mean that he doesn't need them. But it will be strange for the marketing director to receive emails with an offer to change the windows in the office.

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Email address finder
Email verification
LinkedIn outreach tool
Email tracking software

Mistakes in the email outreach process

Wrong ICP
Try to sell right away, not solve the problem
Got into spam
Lack of DKIM, Dmark, SPF
The domain isn't warmed up
Large Bounce rate

Sale management software benefits

Automation of sending cold emails
Takes away routine processes
Sending 100+ emails per day
Personalization in emails
Integration with CRM and other categories of software

Cold email outreach software functions

Node interface (visual automation builder)
Automated sequences
Custom schedules
Tracking opening and clicks in an email
Automatic company stop after answering
Follow up
Personalization and custom variables
Personalized images
Linkedin business email search for a list of contacts
Email opening analytics
Email click analytics
Bounce rate analytics
DKIM / SPF signature
A / B testing
Calls and Voice
File attachment
Contact management
User activity history
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