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Webinar platforms help you to conduct online seminars. Online webinars can be useful in different areas.They can be team meetings, one-on-one sales pitching, educational workshop and other. In one place you can gather a large audience and tell some things to them. In most cases webinar software is used as a sales tool in educational business.

Autowebinar software allows you to make evergreen live webinars and automate you sales process through video content. It looks like a live seminar, but attenders are watching a record.

Best Webinar Software

WebinarJam is a leading webinar hosting platform that helps marketers and business owners create live, recorded and recurring webinars. Thanks its intuitive, easy-to-use webinar page builder, it is possible to create an entire "webinar funnel" and easily build opt-in pages, replay pages and thank you pages. Moreover, with WebinarJam you can fully customize your webinar pages with your logo and brand's colors.
    EverWebinar is an automated webinar platform. Thanks to EverWebinar, small and medium-sized businesses can ramp up their sales by taking existing webinars (one-time events) and replay them for the benefit of new attendees and potential customers. By importing events and using EverWebinar automation-friendly features, you can create the look and feel of the original webcast as often as you want without actually being present yourself.
    GetResponse is an email marketing platform that provides additional features such as landing pages, webinar hosting as well as marketing automation. The platform delivers the service in multiple languages to over 180 countries. GetResponse sells itself as the world's easiest email marketing system. The platform makes it simple and hassle-free to create professional-looking emails and landing pages with its simple drag and drop editor.
    ClickMeeting brings the power of webinars to organizations of any size, from one-person firms to multinational enterprises. The web-based solution is easy to use and covers the entire webinar process — from preparation to presentation, and from interaction to follow-up. Because the platform is browser based, it requires no software installation and works on all devices and operating systems. The user interface includes interactive tools and features to make webinars engaging for attendees and cost-effective for organizers.
    GoToWebinar is the most simple, cost-effective tool for hosting real-time online events that draw people in. You can easily invite up to 1,000 attendees and engage them with high-definition video, screen sharing, interactive tools, and more.
    WebinarNinja is a new kind of webinar platform that allows you to host, share and attend interactive webinars, all in one place. Creating a webinar takes only 10 seconds. Literally. Webinars are easy to run, even if you've never run a webinar in your life. Software is elegant and designed to make you and your webinars look fantastic. WebinarNinja all know the power of webinars is in the interaction. Thats why WebinarNinja webinars have zero-delay.
    Livestorm is a browser based webinar software ideal for creating product demos, developing content strategy, or training customers. Available on any browser, whether on mobile or desktop, Livestorm helps businesses make webinars simple and more efficient. The software also provides analytics, audience segmentation, as well as integrations with leading business apps.
    Demio is one of the most best known webinar platforms and has become so because of its straightforward interface to setup webinars. Demio is built to drive lead generation, it is also a great tool for running training webinars.
    LiveWebinar is a versatile webinar platform capable of working across its wide range of compatible devices, operating systems and browsers. There is no need for downloads, registrations, plug-ins, or installation making it simple for anyone to use. Features include (but are certainly not limited to), whiteboards, polls and tests, screen sharing, breakout rooms, and much more. Enjoy room customization as well – thanks to the branding tool you can change the colors of your meeting room and apply your own logo.
    ClickMeeting Webinars: Driving Growth with the Power of Webinar Marketing and Facebook Messenger
    Ucraft is a website builder SaaS platform that enables creating SEO-friendly websites and professional online stores with no coding or design skills. A drag and drop builder, powerful eCommerce solution, multilingual support, adaptive design and much more.
    The profile of the vendor is not complete. Check other solutions below:
    Content Oriented Web
    Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.

    Why conduct the webinars?

    Online events help you to scale your content strategy. This sales approach allows one person to connect with big audience. For 10 or 100 webinar attendees you have the same amount of efforts. You can pitch your offer to people who are far from your. You give some content at a webinar. Content is nurturing your leads. It's a very important stage in your sales funnel.

    People sold face to face before. It's a long and expensive process. Nowadays you can make a call or conduct a webinar to promote your offer quickly.

    Webinar types

    Online meeting
    You have a face-to-face conversation. You can teach, discuss working issues or make a demo. It's like a offline meeting but online. In most cases it is used for individual sales, conversations with employees and friends. All people in a virtual room can talk, share a screen and draw on a specific whiteboard.
    Educational and sales webinars
    are a special format used by people, who sell their products and services for mass audience. In most cases they are: a coaches and online educational businesses. Coaches launch Facebook ads, get users and conduct a webinar.
    The first free part of the webinar is an introduction to the rest of the paid course.
    Webinars are the most important part of sales funnel for educational business.

    How to hold an autowebinar

    Autowebinar helps you to save your time. You launch a live webinar ones and after that you can use this video for autowebinar. Your leads will think that it is a real webinar but it isn't.

    For example, you set your autowebianr start at 8 pm every day.
    The date of the autowebinar on your landing page will change automatically
    Also, this kind of software has automatic email and sms reminder with direct links to a webinar room. Every online seminar process can be automated.

    Webinar software features

    Webinar room
    It's a "room" that all services have, where a speaker broadcasts and attendees listen to him. The speaker can turn a webcam on and people can see him.
    Screen sharing
    Speaker can share the screen and show something on his computer. Also, he can share a presentation or draw something in real time.
    Video recording
    This function is recording all webinars and after that you can upload this file on Youtube or use it for other purposes.
    Registration page
    Some platforms have their own mini-landing page builder, where you can create registration form and integrate it with your email marketing software or CRM system.
    Email/ sms notification
    Allows you to send an automatic email notification with a direct link to a webinar room.
    Polls and surveys
    During the webinar you can launch surveys and polls. They allow to understand audience deeper.
    Online chat
    During the webinar speaker can ask some questions and attendees can give a response in chat. Also, attendees can chat with each other.
    During the webinar you can show a banner with a button. For example, a speaker can say "On the right corner you can see an offer with a click button. Click and purchase our product".
    Sticky message
    During online broadcasting a speaker can fix messages. In most cases coaches give a link to their social profile.
    Online whiteboard
    Is a tool which allows you to draw online, during a webinar allows the speaker to explain the information clearly.
    The data about participants. Who came? When did he/she come? How long was he/she in the webinar room? Who clicked on the links? You will get the information on your dashboard.
    Real chat simulation
    This is an advanced feature for people who have an experience in webinars. You create questions and answers in advance as if asked by real people and simulate live chat. Real people see questions and answers given by bots and think that they are at a real webinar.
    ClickMeeting Webinars: Driving Growth with the Power of Webinar Marketing and Facebook Messenger
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