Hi, my name is Anton Viborniy. I'm a co-founder of the Apiway technology startup. Our software (app) helps more than
22 000+ digital marketers to automate their routine work.

I started my career in digital marketing in 2010, in 2013 I opened a marketing agency, which was transformed into a technology startup Apiway in 2019.

We use 12 types of digital marketing in our startup.

That is, I went from being a junior digital marketer to the founder of a technology startup in the digital marketing industry. In this article, I want to share my experience.

If you're a young person looking for something to do or you want to start your own business online, this article will be helpful to you.
When you want to start a business, you probably just want to make money. You don't have the product you want to sell, you don't have the skills.

All you have is a strong desire to do something. I call it the 'Entrepreneur's Call'. It's when you clearly feel that you want something more, but you don't know where to start.

This "call" cannot be confused with anything else. You know exactly what it is. You can feel it.

And so you live with this 'Entrepreneurial call' and at some point, your friend or just someone from the Internet starts making money on something... He can sell Chinese goods, open a café, repair roofs, etc.

At that moment you think, 'How am I worse? I can do the same thing'.

You don't understand if this is a good business niche or not. You just start acting on it.

And you start the same business or a similar one.

Do you think people started investing in bitcoin for some other reason?

Don't worry, it was a joke. I'm not going to tell you how to make money from cryptocurrencies.

So you start a business and you have a product or service to sell. It would seem that all is going well, you have a business.

You start making sales. You put the product on the marketplaces or tell your friends what you do.

The worst thing about this situation is that they start buying from you.

Yes, you've read correctly, people start buying your product, and it is very bad.

You'll think, "Why is it bad when people start buying my product/service?"

The problem is that you'll very quickly sell this product or service to your friends, and maybe they'll tell their friends about it. And that's the end of it.

In business, this is called the "glass ceiling". Everything seems to be fine, there are sales. Maybe even some growth. But things aren't going the way you would like them to.

Imagine an ancient man eating fruit. He ate all the fruit within a few miles. And he needs to move through the territory to find more fruits.

In business, it's digital marketing. You start learning about marketing to attract customers online. You can also hire a marketing agency to do this work.

And then the day X comes and you start an advertising campaign, for example, you run ads on Instagram. You go to bed with the hope that tomorrow there will be clients.

You get up in the morning and there are no clients. Or even worse, you've spent on marketing more than you earned.

You think 'Instagram ads don't work. I'll study SEO (Search engine optimization)'.

Half a year has passed, and you wrote a lot of articles for your website, did everything right, but there are still no customers.

You think 'SEO doesn't work in my niche. I'll run ads in TikTok'.

And so on in a circle.

After a few years, you become an expert in digital marketing and realize one key idea.
'Five years ago, I picked the wrong niche for my business'.
And it's very painful. It's very hard to admit that what you're doing is impossible to scale.

Some people see this problem and change their niche of business. And here's where the difference is.

After they've studied marketing, they have a 'marketing mindset'. They already understand how business is promoted on the Internet and when they choose a new product or service they already know how to sell it.

And this is the key difference between newcomers and experienced entrepreneurs.
A beginner thinks, 'What am I going to sell?'

A professional thinks, 'How am I going to sell this and scale?'

If you already know "how to sell", you can choose the right product or service.

So, 'marketing thinking' allows you to choose the right niche and business model.

Now you're probably wondering, 'Should I start with digital marketing?'

The answer is YES.

Lead generation (marketing) is the foundation of any business.

You understand what products there are, how to promote them, what people want, etc.

It's the same with young startup founders. I saw hundreds of young guys developing their apps. In terms of coding, those apps were good. People just didn't need them, or the founders didn't understand how to promote them.

When you have a marketing mindset, it's easier to start a business or a startup. You already have experience. So, we can come to the first conclusion.
Conclusion 1. First, learn digital marketing, then start a business
There's another problem. It's too expensive. When you spent 5 years on your business training in marketing, it means you spent your time and your money.

Time spent on business + money spent on advertising = experience.

But again, it's time-consuming and expensive.

So, you probably have the question, "How can I get experience quickly and for free?"

The answer is simple.

Learning from other people's businesses on other people's money.

For that, you need to become a Digital Marketer and sell your advertisement services. I realized this at an early age and first became a professional marketer. The quicker you come to this, the quicker you'll get results and less time and money will be wasted.

Then I opened a marketing agency since I had more projects than I could do on my own, and I began to hire other marketers. So we formed a team, which later became the basis of the Apiway team.

When you have a marketing agency, different businesses come to you. Product businesses, service businesses, education businesses, e-commerce, SaaS companies, startups, and others. They are all from different regions.

They pay you to set up ads and give you a marketing budget. So you learn how to sell THEIR products for THEIR money.

It's very important.

After a couple of years, you have experience promoting hundreds of different products, in different countries, using different marketing methods. You begin to understand that educational products are sold through social media, SaaS products are sold through SEO, B2B Enterprise products are sold through event marketing and cold email outreach, etc.

As a result, in a couple of years after starting a career in digital marketing you'll have:

  • Understanding of digital marketing
  • Understanding of how a business works
  • Understanding of lead generation
  • Startup capital
  • Team
Conclusion 2. It's better to open a marketing agency to learn on other people's money than on your own.
I'm not saying it's the only option. Maybe you got the product right and built a big business the first time as Mark Zuckerberg did. That happens too, but very rarely.

I've failed a few businesses before that. Apiway is my 4th business. The first 3 I had already closed. It took me 10 years.

Based on my experience, we at Apiway created the EAS method.
In the beginning, you become an expert in digital marketing, then you open an agency, and already having a team, experience, knowledge, and starting capital you open a startup.

If you do it right, it'll take you 2-3 years.

If you want to get rich quickly, I'm afraid that's not going to happen. People who invested in cryptocurrency have proven that.

But there's one more important nuance here. A marketing agency, and any service business in general, is a bad business. I don't recommend you spend your whole life in a marketing agency.
But the marketing agency is the best springboard for a future entrepreneur.
One day I and my friend, the founder of a VERY large IT company, were sitting in a café at an afterparty conference for entrepreneurs. There was a big table, a lot of young guys, and one of them asked a question

'I own a marketing agency. What do I have to do to make $10 million?'

The answer was amazing.

'You need to get out of the marketing agency business as soon as possible.'

On the one hand, you will say, 'Then why even start an agency?'

Without experience, you'll be trying to promote a business that is impossible to promote at all. Most likely you'll just choose the wrong niche.

As one of the greats said, 'It doesn't matter how fast the train is going, as long as it's going the wrong way'.

I always joke and say, 'A marketing agency is like a university girlfriend/boyfriend'.

All of my friends who got married at university have all got divorced, without exception.

But having a romantic relationship while you're a student gives you experience.

With experience, you have a better chance of choosing the 'right spouse'.

But it's very important not to get stuck on 'university love'.

It's the same with a marketing agency. It's important, but the main thing is not to get stuck and move on quickly.

Marketing agencies are the gateway to 'big business'. Accordingly, we can see the final third conclusion in this article.
Conclusion 3. Use a marketing agency as a springboard and don't get stuck for long.
If you carefully analyze the path of startup founders, almost all of them work according to the same scheme.

Expert - agency (provision of services) - product (Startup).

Someone becomes a specialist in SMM (Social media marketing) and promotes clothing brands. Then they launch their own clothing brand.

Programmers start as specialists, then open a web development studio and provide development services to startups. They gain experience and launch their own startup. I know dozens of such examples.

The point is that you only see the last stage when the startup appeared. It's important to analyze the previous path. Almost all startups moved along this way. They became experts in something, then they provided a service (agency), and after that, they made a startup (scalable product).

Now you understand your path. First, you become an expert in digital marketing, then you open an agency. You gain experience and initial capital, then open a technology startup.

We decided on a roadmap.

Next question.

How do you get through this as quickly as possible?

Unfortunately, that's the path I took on my own. I bought training courses randomly and then put that knowledge together like a puzzle. It took me 10 years.

You can do it faster.

So I and the Apiway team made a product that will get you there as quickly as possible.
"Starting your career in Digital Marketing"
on the EAS model
In this product, we have collected all the information that will explain to you what marketing is, what its structure is, how it works, and what you need to know to become a successful digital marketer.

You'll learn what the EAS model is.
You'll learn how EAS works
You'll get an ideal path of development as a digital marketer.
You'll get video tutorials, PDFs, and other downloads.

In two hours you'll know what you need to do to become a marketer.
This product is a career Gateway.
Without this product, you will constantly ask friends and colleagues where you need to start. They will always tell you different ways and it will confuse you even more. You'll spend years trying to figure it out.
With this product, you will understand everything in 1 hour and start moving towards a better life
Alex Walter
freelance marketer
"This product gave me an understanding of how to become a digital marketer. Before that, I worked in a shopping mall and I could never make up my mind to start something new. During the pandemic, our shopping mall was closed and I had time to study.

I completed the first course very quickly, literally in a couple of days. Then I finished a course on Facebook advertising and three weeks later I found my first client on the Internet. Now I work full-time as a marketer. The Apiway team made a great platform where you can learn marketing and then use a tool to automate Facebook ads.

The only thing I would correct is the audio. Sometimes the teacher's voice is too quiet. But this is a small thing. Overall, the course is great."
Bonus 1. 12 Types of Digital Marketing
SMM, Pixel, Content marketing, Chatbot marketing. affiliate marketing, SEO, and other buzzy words.

Let's figure this out once and forever.

We've created an overview of all 12 types of marketing.

Real Examples
Ready Templates
Marketing Strategies

You will clearly understand what types of marketing exist, how they differ, and what kind of business they are needed for.
Without this product, you won't understand the full picture of the marketing industry. You won't understand the differences between types of marketing.
With this product, you will have a bird's-eye view of all types of marketing. You'll be able to understand the differences between the types of marketing and for which businesses each is suitable. For example: "Which type of marketing is better for online schools? Facebook ads or Google ads?" You'll be able to think strategically about marketing.
" I finally figured out all the directions in Digital Marketing. In fact, everything is clear and logical. It's just that there are many different terms on the Internet that mean the same thing. For example, paid ads expert and media buyer mean the same thing. Or AdSense and Google display ads are also the same thing.

It confuses people and they think it's complicated.

It took me literally 30 minutes to understand what marketing strategies are, and in what type of business they should be used."
Kate J.
Bonus 2. 5-level Digital marketer path (map)
As I said before, one of the biggest mistakes beginners make is not starting to learn in a logical sequence.

We have created a really unique product that will explain the ideal path for a person to become a high-demand Digital Marketer, then start their own business or technology startup.
Without this map, you won't have an understanding of the stages of specialist development.
With this map, you will have a strategic plan for your development as a digital marketing specialist.
"This map is a treasure for aspiring marketers. I love it. It's a guide to the world of marketing. My friends advised me to start with the classic approach to learning marketing. But I trusted the Apiway team and I didn't regret it.

The plan that Anton and his team from Apiway offer are far more effective than other Digital Marketing schools."
Alberto Rossi
This map is a step-by-step guide on how to become a digital marketer and start your own tech startup
This is what this map looks like
Bonus 3. 27 mistakes of beginner marketers
More than 20,000 digital marketers use Apiway every day. Many of them I know personally and we are friends.

While creating this product, the Apiway team conducted hundreds of interviews with our clients (digital marketers), highlighting and describing the main mistakes.
Without this product, you won't have an understanding of the mistakes marketers make when studying marketing. That means you are doomed to make the same mistakes
With this product, you have a chance to make fewer mistakes than other marketers. The fewer mistakes, the faster you will become a good specialist and start earning good money
"I started on the path of digital marketing a few years ago. After studying this course, I saw myself. I made almost all the mistakes that are listed in this course.

Particularly between the second and third-level specialist.

If you are just starting your journey in digital marketing, this course will save you a couple of years of senseless learning what you don't need."
Adelita Martínez
We've compiled 27 of the most common mistakes marketers make throughout their careers.
Smart people learn from other people's mistakes.

You have a chance to learn very quickly what you SHOULDN'T DO if you decide to become a Digital Marketer.
Bonus 4. Types of Digital marketing skills
There are different types, skills, and tools in digital marketing.

It's easy to get confused. For example, a beginner reads some text about digital marketing and comes across the word Google Analytics or Google Search Console, or Google Tag manager.

The beginner starts googling and finds the 'Google Tag manager course'. But he doesn't need it at this stage.

Is it possible to start making money without understanding what Google Tag manager is?

Yes, it is.

We've taken all the core skills of digital marketers and structured them.
Without this product, you will not understand which are the most profitable trends in marketing and which are not. Who makes more money? SEO expert or Content marketing expert? Or maybe it's the same thing?
With this product, you'll have an understanding of what skills are most valuable in digital marketing. You'll also see which skills in which sequence it's better to learn.
'When I started studying marketing, I was constantly confused with a lot of different marketing terms. And I didn't understand what I needed right now.

After taking this course all the information became clear.

Now I understand where to go next.'
Adrian Petit
You'll have a map with step-by-step instructions at what stage and in what sequence to learn a particular skill.
No more searching on the Internet. You'll have a detailed Guide.
Bonus 5. How to start your own business and get passive income
If you want to start your own business, you have to learn marketing. Because the ability to promote your products or services is critical.

It's important to build a business that can give you a passive income.

We'll tell you about the 'EAS structure' that will allow you to achieve a passive income of $10,000 a month. (This will take more than one month.)

Thanks to this approach, we have earned initial capital for our technology startup.

You will learn what steps you need to take to start your own IT company.
Without this product, you'll always be focused on active income and a paycheck. You won't have an understanding of how to start your own business and when to do it. You won't know how to get a passive income.
With this product, you'll have an understanding of how to start your own business or marketing agency, or even an IT startup. You'll know how to create a passive income of $10K per month in 1-2 years.
"Thanks to the Apiway team for your courses. Thanks to you, I changed careers, became a marketer, and opened my own marketing agency within a year.

I started creating passive income by reselling website builders and marketing automation tools. Now I'm thinking about how to make my own product and start an IT startup."
John W.
What you'll get today:
Starting a career in Digital marketing
Step-by-step guide on how to become a digital marketer
Interactive map of the marketer's path
5-level marketing expert blueprint
12 Types of Digital Marketing
27 mistakes of beginner marketers
Analysis of the highest-paid Digital Marketing Skills
Step-by-step guide on how to start a business
How to start a Tech startup and get a passive income
How marketing agency works
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We covered all questions about digital marketing. You just need to choose your way and start to act.
It's your ticket into the digital marketing world!

"Man, I'd have to be crazy to miss this".

When we at Apiway started our journey into digital marketing back in 2010, I didn't have a plan like that.

Back in those days, the problem was a lack of information.

No one knew how to sell online.

Today the problem is different.

There's a lot of information and it needs to be structured.

To understand what you need now and what you need later, you need experience.

I and the Apiway team did it for you. You'll have a ready plan of action.

This course contains all the information so that as soon as possible a person understands - it's mine or not.

The plan is ready. All you have to do is to act.
What you'll get today:
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I think this offer is already great, but I forgot a little detail.

A money-back guarantee if you don't like our product.

So if you join me today and get all the "Starting a career in digital marketing", I'll include a no-questions-asked guarantee for not 30, not 60, but full 365 days.

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What have you got to lose?


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Starting a career in Digital marketing
Step-by-step guide on how to become a digital marketer
Interactive map of the marketer's path
5-level marketing expert blueprint
12 Types of Digital Marketing
27 mistakes of beginner marketers
Analysis of the highest-paid Digital Marketing Skills
Step-by-step guide on how to start a business
How to start a Tech startup and get a passive income
How marketing agency works
Value 499$
Value 299$
Value 899$
Value 399$
Value 499$
Value 399$
Value 299$
Value 699$
Value 799$
Value 599$
I'll include a no-questions-asked guarantee for not 30, not 60,
but full 365 days.

You'll have a full year to go through everything, use all the templates, mindmaps, videos, and guides, and then decide if it was worth the investment.

What have you got to lose?


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