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actiTIME is a time tracking software that provides a convenient way to manage project scope, assign tasks, keep track of time spent on tasks and analyze your business performance based on the collected data.
actiTIME is timesheet software for keeping track of hours spent on projects and analyzing their outcomes for more insightful management decisions.
The tool has robust functionality for:
- Time tracking;
- Controlling work on projects by planning the scope and deadlines;
- Evaluating performance trends by running reports on employee efficiency, costs and revenues.
With these useful features, actiTIME may help you see how efficient you are in doing your job either in real time or historically and obtain the knowledge necessary to use time in a more productive way. Besides, the tool streamlines many managerial processes – from employee leave management to billing and invoicing – and, thus, allows you to spare many precious hours and invest them in solving more important matters.
Another thing to know about actiTIME is that it's highly flexible and affordable. You can easily switch on and off some of the app's features to make it more suitable for your specific case. Also, you may integrate it with plenty of other tools through Zapier or API.
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