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Atomic Mail Sender

What is Atomic Mail Sender?
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AtomPark Software is a mass-emailing programs developer with 19 years of background in making tools for digital marketing. Atomic Mail Sender, a program for crafting and sending mass email campaigns, is a bestseller of their email marketing toolkit. Unlimited emails, free newsletter templates, HTML and visual editor and ability to use any SMTP - that is the reasons why marketers choose it.
Atomic Mail Sender is a multifunctional and easy to use tool for sending emails.

It has all the features for fast and effective mailing:
  • Importing the list of receivers. The program supports uploading the contact database from clipboard, text and .csv files, Word and Excel files, DBF database, Outlook Address Book. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with the other programs by AtomPark Software. So, you can compile a comprehensive set of tools for email campaigns. You can import the contact base into Atomic Mail Sender from Atomic Email Extractor (the program for email parsing) or Atomic Email Verifier (the tool for checking the validity of addresses).
  • Basic list management. You can add and delete addresses, sort and randomize lists, edit additional information about receivers, remove bad and repeated emails.
  • SMTP-server support. You can connect to any external one. So, the speed of mailing will be enhanced.
  • Proxy compatibility. You can send an email with the help of such a server to hide your IP, avoid the risk being blocked as spam, and save the reputation of your company's IP.
  • Free templates. Not all entrepreneurs have time to develop a HTML pattern by themselves or enough finances to hire a good designer. If you are one of them, just choose one of the dozens of free templates developed by AtomPark Software.
  • Personalization of the newsletters. This is a required element of a good email. Personalized newsletters are more effective because everyone likes being called by name. Also, they have less risk to be evaluated as spam by providers. The function of personalization in Atomic Mail Sender is very easy to use. Just enter a special tag (for example %_SENDER_NAME_%), and it will be replaced with the information from the certain column in the contact database.
  • Spin text. This is an interesting way to bypass spam filters. Your mailing will seem to a provider to be sending of many newsletters. A program will generate random text taking into account your requirements, and place it where you need. So, every newsletter will be unique.
  • Spam test. There is a built-in feature called Spam Assassin. It measures the chances of your newsletter to reach the Inbox folder and gives some advice on how to enhance them.
  • Unsubscription. To make your mailing more effective and less looking like spam gives to the recipients an opportunity to unsubscribe. Atomic Mail Sender makes it possible with the feature of placing an unsubscribe link into your email.
  • Reports. Due to them, you can see if your newsletters were delivered.
Reach your target audience via email quickly, easily and safely with Atomic Mail Sender!
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