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Avisi Apps
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Avisi Apps
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Avisi is a software company specialized in offering customized software solutions. Avisi has over 100 employees working in small, independent teams. Avisi Apps is responsible for Atlassian applications and integrations. Our most popular apps in the Atlassian Marketplace? Numbered Headings and Atlas CRM!
We develop Atlassian apps and integrations that help organizations to work efficiently. Our apps:

Atlas CRM
Combine customer information and your Atlassian tools and get better customer insight in Atlas CRM. You can find customer information immediately and manage your sales process, without leaving your Atlassian tools.

Edit custom field values
Easily add or adjust a custom field value as a project manager in Jira Server and Data Center.

Git for Confluence
Sync your Git files with Confluence. Your repositories will always be up to date as you don't have to copy paste your files anymore!

Numbered Headings
Our most popular app! Number your headings automatically in Confluence. Numbered Headings is available on Cloud, Server and Data Center.

TOPdesk Jira integration
Work more efficiently by integrating TOPdesk with Jira! You can create TOPdesk incidents/changes from Jira and initiate issues from TOPdesk.

Undo transition
A mistake is quickly made. But now worries, you can easily undo your last transition in Jira with your Undo Transition app.
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Avisi Apps
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