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BotXO specializes in Conversational AI, Machine Learning and NLU, and deliver their powerful AI Chatbot Builder to companies worldwide. The BotXO Platform empowers brands to have specialized chatbots provide instant support and personalized shopping through conversational interfaces.
The BotXO platform allows you to build a chatbot, tailored to your customer needs. BotXO chatbots and virtual assistants serve users within e-commerce and customer service in a multitude of different industries: consumer electronics, fashion, municipalities and government organizations, banking, pension funds, universities, unions, insurances, transport, travel, healthcare, shipping services and small enterprises.

Introducing a bot will afford your employees the time to focus on more sophisticated tasks. It will eliminate the need for employees to work out of hours and on public holidays. Furthermore, you don't have to be a tech wizard to build a bot. Our platform is simple, intuitive and does not require coding skills.

Our NLU engine allows your bot to become more intelligent every day and understand multiple human languages, despite spelling mistakes. And our Webhook builder allows you to integrate your bot to any external information sources. Your bot can manage all of your business channels; a customer query will never go unnoticed.
Languages Supported
English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish and Danis
Year Founded
HQ Location
Copenhagen, Denmark
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