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What is Clearalist?
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Clearalist Overview

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Clearalist is designed to make your mailing list more organized. The app can help clean your email list, enabling you to erase spam, duplicate, bounce, and invalid emails from your list. This helps you improve your deliverability and increase conversions.
You can start by uploading your email list as a CSV file to the app dashboard. The email addresses will be categorized as Unique, Duplicate, and Valid. The app automatically counts how many email addresses belong in each category. Clearalist can also identify emails without an MX Record and calculate the overall Bounce Rate of your mailing list. A high bounce rate tells you that you have a lot of mail that cannot be delivered. No matter how good an email is, it can only convert customers when they read it.

Clean mailing list
After your mailing list has been analyzed, just press Clean List and Clearalist will automatically clean the bad emails from your list for you. Furthermore, it will not take days for the results to arrive which means that you can quickly continue sending email marketing or campaigns as usual. This is an easier and faster process compared to manually fact-checking all email addresses one by one.

Increase conversion rates
«y cleaning such email addresses, you can save up on mailing costs. Even if you will have comparably less emails to send to, you will have more conversions because of the guarantee that you mailed those who are interested, who actually opened the emails, and those who can generate real value from such emails.

Accurate verification
Clearalist uses parallel verification and provides real-time validation. The email checker verifies not by sending an email but by directly connecting to the SMTP server, which provides more validation accuracy. The app's algorithm ensures that most, if not all, valid email addresses will not bounce.
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