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DataValidation is the most comprehensive email verification service in the email marketing industry! Our deliverability and compliance tools are used for managing email data, email list cleaning, and automating email validation. We perform extensive deliverability checks to analyze the health of an email address. 24/5 online support. No contracts, setup fees, or minimums.
DataValidation offers email verification software for cleaning email lists. We provide a free quality report for each list imported or uploaded. The free report contains a breakdown of grades to give customers an insight on the health of their email list.
DataValidation also offers a free email list monitoring service, AutoPilot. Customers can get notified on how the health of emails lists changes over time to make sure they can verify the lists whenever necessary.
Verification tokens never expire and they can be purchased when needed or with Subscriptions, which offer up to 15% more tokens.
With the help of our API, developers, marketers and entrepreneurs can integrate email verification on their app or website with ease.
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