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Designated as India's Most Promising CRM, edge CRM is a customer relationship management platform conceived, instigated, and perfected by salespeople for the salespeople. edge CRM is a completely customizable CRM suitable for all business sizes pertaining to every industry profile.

Engineered with the focus on relationship building and ease of operation, edge CRM boasts of an AI-driven lead qualifier, cloud-based data capture, 40+ Key Performance Indicators, a preemptive dashboard, and a robust security framework.
edge CRM simplifies your business and helps you build relevant strategies with 256+ types of actionable reports and business forecasting to get clear visibility of upcoming challenges. Our mobile-based application allows you access to your complete data and facilitates quick updates on the go.

With edge CRM's in-built Smart PDF Builder and the ingenious edge Assistance, you can create, manage, track, and streamline your tasks with a few clicks. You get a complete overview of your work with edge's fully comprehensive calendar which facilitates smooth integration with contacts, meetings, calls, and opportunities.

edge CRM commits to motivation and appreciation building of the team by gamifying the sales process through a diligent scoreboard and thorough clarity on the performance matrix.

Try us now! We at edge promise an in-depth training and undeterred support to your team from day one. It's time to revolutionize your sales process.
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