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Ganttic Price

Ganttic's pricing is based on the number of resources in use, while allowing for unlimited users in all packages and offers the following pricing packages:

Pro 20: ($1.25/month/resource; $25/month; $250/year): Maximum of 20 resources
Pro 50: ($1.18/month/resource; $59/month; $590/year): Maximum of 50 resources
Pro 150: ($0.99/month/resource; $149/month; $1490/year): Maximum of 150 resources
Pro 250: ($0.92/month/resource; $229/month; $2290/year): Maximum of 250 resources
Pro 500: ($0.76/month/resource; $379/month; $3790/year): Maximum of 500 resources
Pro 1000: ($0.50/month/resource; $599/month; $5990/year): Maximum of 1000 resources
Pro 1500: ($0.53/month/resource; $790/month; $7900/year): Maximum 1500 resources
Pro 2000: ($0.50/month/resource; $990/month; $9900/year): Maximum 2000 resources
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