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What is Jumpseller?
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Jumpseller is an e-commerce solution that lets you set up an online store with just a few clicks and start selling online! Creating an online store requires setting up infrastructure, managing backups, performing regular updates, developing software and ensuring security. Not to worry! Our platform does all the boring stuff so you can solely focus on
growing your business!
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Spanish / English / Portuguese
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Porto, Portugal
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A platform that has gone under the radar compared to some big guns of the industry, Jumpseller has certainly started to make a name for itself, specially in the latin america region. Currently with over 100.000 customers, Jumpseller is being used by merchants around the globe to run various types of businesses.

Below are just some of the reasons Jumpseller is becoming a popular e-commerce platform for small and medium sized businesses.

● A user friendly platform that allows your to create your online store and start selling online within minutes;
● All plans include basic features needed to run any type of business. These features include, unlimited products, free domain, and theme customization;
● Integrated with a variety of apps covering an array of activities including online marketing, invoicing, live chat sport, and dropshipping;
● Offers multi-language support in the stores admin panel and on the storefront;
● Fantastic customer support which includes well documented articles, consultation through email, social media and skype;
● Choose from multiple local payment and shipping options depending on your needs;
● Discounted rates with Fulfillment services for selected countries;
● Advance product filtering and customizable themes;
● No transaction fees on any plan.
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