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MaaxMarket was founded in September 2015 and the goal for the company is to create an artificial intelligence platform to automate marketing aimed at small and medium enterprise customers globally. Our principal offices are located in Boulder, CO with offshore development from our wholly-owned subsidiary office from Chennai, India.

MaaxMarket developing an artificial intelligence platform to help small businesses with digital marketing. It is an advanced cloud-based marketing automation platform that is designed for businesses to automate follow-ups. All engagements can be personalized depending on the customer's online behavior. MaaxMarket is the first company to introduce Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Automation and road map focuses on introducing NLG(Natural Language Generation) at is MaaxMarket technology in the platform.
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Maax Market Inc
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Boulder, CO, USA
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MaaxMarket is a marketing automation tool that uses a powerful artificial intelligence engine to thoroughly analyze content and user behavior from websites, emails, mobile apps and other customer touch points to help derive actionable insights. MaaxMarket helps businesses smartly market their services and products to its target audience with cross-channel automation, customer and profile tracking, and marketing template customization, which results in a highly personalized user experience.
How do you position yourself against your competitors?
We compete directly with Hubspot ( and alternatives to our product include Act-On and Active Campaign. Our product is unique because of the personalization engine that we have built that sends personalized content to customers based on their online / website behavior. We also have a competitive advantage because of our technological superiority, low cost of production (Development Center in India and Marketing office in the USA). We anticipate new companies to enter this market.

The unique value proposition of the product is its ability to personalize content based on the customer's online behavior. We designed an artificial intelligence engine using NLP (Natural Language Processing) and NLG (Natural Language Generation) that helps businesses to design and automate online marketing campaigns.
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