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What is Mailify?
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Mailify is an all-in-one application that allows you to manage massive email marketing and SMS marketing, create automatic campaigns, landing pages, subscription forms. It is a very intuitive tool that integrates intelligent features that help optimize the sending and time of your team. It is characterized by its personalized advice in several languages.

Mailify is a software with A1 generation technology that has artificial intelligence and an ergonomic interface.
In other words, it is a multi-channel solution with intelligent features, marketing automation and predictive tracking.
Mailify has focused on developing, maintaining and optimizing, in each of the versions, the simplicity and usability in its design and navigation to provide an excellent user experience.
It has the largest R&D centre in Europe dedicated to direct marketing solutions, thus offering a very powerful application.
How do you position yourself against your competitors?
Mailify is one of the most complete all-in-one marketing solutions on the market. In a single application you can find different tools necessary for the marketing of a company.

Email Marketing: allows the creation of an email marketing campaign, you can create an optimized message through the use of newsletter templates 100% responsive and customizable. It also allows the import of your own template developed in HTML You can check the performance of your campaign through A / B testing.

SMS Marketing: offers the possibility of two types of SMS campaigns: marketing type or notification type. It allows you to insert links that redirect to a form.

Landing pages and Forms: Allows you to create different types of forms (subscription/update, invitation/event, etc) to achieve different objectives such as getting new subscribers, updating existing data, asking questions to your contacts, making a registration list for an event and double opt-in confirmation.

It is also possible to create two types of landing pages: responsive page that adapts to different types of display formats and only for mobile page that as its name says are landing page dedicated exclusively to display on smartphones.

Marketing automation

Being a multichannel solution allows automation in both your email marketing campaigns and SMS Marketing by creating different types of scenarios such as welcome messages, special dates, update, recovery of abandoned carts and soon pages seen on your website.

Another major advantage of Mailify over its competitors is that it offers a multi-user account where it is possible to manage the rights and permissions of accessibility of each one and the management of various groups.

It allows the creation of a personalized domain or the use of an existing one. It has super intuitive drag & drop content editors for the creation and personalization of campaigns and forms called EmailBuilder and FormBuilder, respectively.

The more detailed the statistics are, the better the segmentation will be, and this is what Mailify offers you. In addition to the more general indicators such as the click, bounce, abandonment and complaint rates, etc., it offers you other more innovative and specialized ones that work thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence and that help you identify the perfect time and moment to send each user according to their behavior in previous campaigns, analyze the quality of the content structure of your message through Eye Tracking and Heatmap, among others.

In addition, it is possible to connect Mailify to a wide variety of tools and applications fundamental to marketing such as Magento, Wordpress, Prestashop, website, google sheets, microsoft dynamics, teamleader, google analytics, salesforce, SpamAssassin, You tube Google Maps, Wix, Zapier, Ninja Forms, Mailchimp, Paypal,
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