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Today we have two main competitors.

The first is companies and freelancers that offer individual services for mobile app
development. These developers use popular frameworks such as Ionic, React Native, Xamarin,
and others. A simple beginner can't handle this development environment, so they have to turn
to programmers.

The second is mobile app designers without code. All of them offer a solution only for the SAAS
version, limiting the extensibility of their functionality for business, which makes applications
not attractive to the end user.

Our advantages

Competitive Advantage 1
The program is multilingual and multicurrency, which allows you to use it anywhere in the
world, the functionality has been optimized in accordance with the requirements in the EU, USA
and Russia

Competitive Advantage 2
The main direction of the platform is the creation of business applications in the field of E-
Commerce, the platform is fully monetized, has many integrated payment systems for different countries

Competitive Advantage 3
Unlike all existing competitor services, Nwicode allows you to be completely independent and not tied to the developer, change functionality, monitor server loads and not be afraid that the development company may cease its activities overnight losing its own applications.

NWICODE CMS software is easily installed on any VPS and cloud servers, which makes it
possible to sell licenses on the side of hosting providers as part of the partner program.
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A service for quickly creating and managing the content of mobile apps for IOS and Android platforms without programming skills using ready-made functionality. The ability to create applications as in the NWICODE cloud service according to the Saas version (paying for monthly subscriptions), as well as purchase a boxed product license with installation on your own servers.
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