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OfficeClip LLC is a leading provider of web-based business solutions for small and medium businesses. We provide integrated solutions to manage customers, employees, and projects.
OfficeClip has a suite of different applications like Timesheet and Expense tracker,
Contact Manager, and Support Desk.
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S. K. Dutta
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Atlanta, Georgia
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OfficeClip creates software products t manage contacts, customers, and employees.
OfficeClip designs products with the following goals in mind:
Produce applications that are flexible, easy to use, and standardized.
Design applications that can be easily configured to solve new business challenges.
Develop transparency, integrity, and trust with our customers.

Our Products:
Contact Manager:
Business Contact Manager lets you efficiently manage your contacts from one central location with powerful features, accessible via the web. It plays a significant role in building customer relationships on a long-term basis. OfficeClip's Contact Manager applications are used by Freelancers, Small businesses including Healthcare, Construction, IT, Marketing, Legal, Accounting, and in the Education sector.
It allows you to associate tasks, appointments, campaigns, issues, documents, emails, notes, and history with each entity.
It has other features such as multi-level tags, call-list, report generator, drip marketing, multi-level security, and more.
Along with managing the contacts database, it also helps:
Track leads through opportunities,
Manage business accounts with Accounts application,
Manage documents with Documents applications,
Create invoices through Invoices application,
Schedule events and meetings with Calendar.
A free version is available for unlimited users.

Timesheet, Expense, and Time-Off tracking are powerful tools for managing employees and projects in various organizations. It allows the creation of time and expense reports for multiple clients and projects and has an easy to use interface.
Our Timesheet applications are used by Freelancers, SMBs, Consultants, Govt departments.
OfficeClip timesheets allow employees to record time for various projects and tasks assigned to them.
Imports and Exports via CSV files, QuickBooks, ADP, etc.
It has multiple features like punch clock, reports, DCAA compliance, integrations, rule-based edits, workflow approvals, etc.
Other modules available with timesheet are:
Time Off, which helps track employees' time off and calculate accruals for payroll purposes.
Expenses module, which manages expenses for a project and employee.
Invoices, which help in billing customers.
A free version is available for unlimited users.
Support Desk:
The OfficeClip Support and Help Desk software provides a configurable, easy to use help desk for IT, sales, HR, and any other issue-based project tracking.
It helps track various issues that can be added in multiple binders. These issues are then assigned to the concerned person or departments, and the status can be tracked until they get resolved. Other features include:
Customizable input fields make the tracker flexible and easy to use.
The rule-based email notification engine enables up-to-date communication based on user-defined rules.
The issue tracker implements reports, import/export, webforms, email capture.
A free version is available for unlimited users.
Ease of Use:
Our application is designed to be easily installed and run on a web server and accessed via any web browser.
OfficeClip is available online (ASP), where users can log in to OfficeClip's cloud and use the system.
It is created using the Microsoft .Net framework® to provide flexible configuration and implementation.
Enhancements are made to our product regularly to meet customer requirements.
OfficeClip is committed to working consistently with determination, nurture relationships with their clients, and deliver the best customer experience.
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