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SmatBot is a Chatbot building platform to create customizable chatbots for Lead generation, Live chat support, Interactive Landing Pages, Surveys, Enquiries, Appointments, Feedback and Suggestions for your business without coding using rule-based flow builder and artificial intelligence(AI).
With a robust approach, SmatBot is designed to cater to all types of businesses to solve their business needs.
Chatbots are unique, the more data you have better chatbots you can build. And not every business has the data to make one. So we made sure that we have a solution with this exact problem in mind.
Businesses can develop of chatbots in 3 ways using SmatBot

1. Flow-Based Chatbot(For businesses having no data whatsoever): This type of chatbot is built solely based on rules using our chatbot flow builder with various types of questions in sequential order and solve a multitude of use cases.
Here the user cannot ask the bot questions and expect an answer. The user needs to navigate through the bot to get his desired output.

2. FAQs Builder(For Businesses have little to moderate data):
This Chatbot leverages our existing flow builder and external API's like rasa or dialogflow and answers the questions based on these API's responses.
Here the user can expect basic answers to FAQs which he can ask freely. This is expected to solve basic Level1 queries without a human.

3. Conversational flow builder(For businesses with moderate to more data):
This Chatbot Leverages our Flowbuilder, NLP layer and our intent mapping feature to solve user queries based on their input intent.
Here the user can expect more than basic answers which he ask freely. This is expected to Level1, Level2 and Level3 queries of a user

  • Google sheets
  • Google Calendar
  • Zapier
  • Hubspot
  • Zoho etc.
  • Appointment booking
  • CRM integration
  • Dynamic responses using API's
  • Interactive Landing Pages
  • 50+ languages support etc.
Languages Supported
50+ languages supported
Year Founded
HQ Location
Hyderabad, India
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