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SpreadSimple is a web application that allows to create and manage feature-rich websites just using the data in a Google Sheet. It's possible to use your own Google Sheet or use one of our templates.

Create a ready-to-go website just in a few clicks, customise the design, then add various features like: search, sorting, filtering, pagination, cart, SEO, custom scripts and many others. The spreadsheet itself becomes the content management system so managing the content won't require much time nor any special knowledge. All the updates will be instantly reflected on the website which can be easily embedded as a widget on any other site if necessary.
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SpreadSimple isn't the first product in the world that uses spreadsheets to manage some stuff, but we have a vision of how to bring website development to a new level of simplicity and speed. With SpreadSimple you will be able to create a storefront or a listing in a minute. Literally. And it can be easily customised.

SpreadSimple can be a useful tool for small businesses and e-commerce as it allows to harness the power of Google Sheets and simplifies managing the inventory, prices and orders.
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