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Zenkit Base is a collaborative platform that helps users to stay organized. This SaaS solution allows individuals and businesses to manage projects, build databases, and more. Zenkit Base is fully integrated with other products in the Zenkit Universe, which makes it easy to manage all your data. Zenkit Base is flexible enough to fit any workflow and powerful enough to run your business on.
Zenkit Base is a SaaS solution that helps individuals and businesses to stay organized. What makes Zenkit Base stand out from our competitors is its flexibility and rich features.

Apart from the feature of one-click switch among 8 views (ie. Kanban, calendar, hierarchy, mind map, Wiki, table, to-do list,and Gantt chart), our users also love the custom fields, including text, number, link, date, labels, members, references, subitems and many more. Besides, one can share their work online with published and embedded collections, and build integrations with our documented API.

Zenkit Base provides a collaborative platform to easily build the optimized workflow that fits everyone's needs and preferences.
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Karlsruhe, Germany
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